Escales Découvertes

Escales découvertes, created for the 1,850-acre Mount Royal Heritage Site, is all about connecting, discovering and interacting. This multisensory, non-linear experience is achieved through the installation of 3D orientation maps; conical stone place-markers; and belvedere-like halts, each showcasing a specific landscape feature or celebrated view.

The bronze maps, strategically placed at 12 access points, identify Mount Royal's three distinct summits and three built iconic landmarks. The place-markers are clustered in 25 groups of three and vary in size from stepping-stones to structures large enough to sit or lean on. Their bronze inscriptions offer clues that contextualize adjacent landscape features. Finally, 10 landscaped halts, some anchored to the ground, others projecting from a cliff, are defined by border-like granite components that showcase bronze verses written specifically for the location by a Montreal poet. Ranging from curvilinear to angular, and with built-in seating, the halts are strategically located to offer privileged views of the Mount Royal landscape.

Immersive and engaging, the project invites Montrealers and visitors to continually renew their experience of the mountain through a fuller understanding of place.

Ville de Montréal, Service des grands parcs, du verdissement et du Mont-Royal

Julie Margot
Luu Nguyen

Mount-Royal Heritage Site, Montreal
2015 - 2017

Adrien Williams
Manya Margot
Frédérique Menard-Aubin

2018 SEGD Global Design Awards

2018 RAIC National Urban Design Awards

2019 CSLA Awards of Excellence in Landscape Architecture

SEGD - Process and Prototyping in Mont-Royal Park

Civiliti - Civiliti

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