As part of its 375th anniversary celebration, the city of Montreal wanted to mark the founding path of Côte-des-Neiges Street, between Côte-Sainte-Catherine and Sherbrooke. This route is rich in documented history, archaeology and natural significance, providing a wealth of information to stimulate Montrealers' collective memory.

A vibrant visual language was created to mark recurring themes along the path. The experience operates on two levels: one for car drivers, and a more personal one for pedestrians. From a distance, the 81 lamp post-mounted icons and light-boxes mark a sinuous path cutting between two slopes. Each also marks the location of a historical site, with interpretive panels providing detailed text and images. In addition, five bus stops also provides maps and additional information to further enliven the experience.

City of Montreal

Luu Nguyen
Julie Margot

Denise Caron

2015 - 2017

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