BDC wanted to consolidate its spaces and centralize its resources by completely reviewing the layout of the ground floor and upper floors. BDC architects were inspired by new trends in office design: integration of new technologies, open spaces, minimalist offices, lounges and secure areas.

The signage has aligned itself with this theme by proposing a light and refined line emphasizing materials and being inspired by the BDC brand image.

Wayfinding and signalling

BDC - Business Development Bank of Canada

Bouvry Communication

Design team
Bouvry Communication, designer, strategy and creation consultant
Julie Margot, designer
David Gour, designer
Marie-Andrée Carrière, graphiste

Head office, 5, place Ville-Marie Montréal

2018 - 2019

Philippe Bouvry, Julie Margot, Marian Haiduc

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